Price List January – December 2019



                                                                                                                                                   Per Metre


Pontoon Berths                                                                                                                

                                                                       Four diffferent methods of payment

Per metre, per annum – Jan to Dec. (Includes storage ashore              One off payment       

But not hauling & launching)                                                                  Two half yearly payments     

                                                                                                               Four quartley Payments   

                                                                                                              Twelve monhly payments 

Please e mail or call the Marina office on 01473 236644 for a quote, the Marina team look foward to hearing from you.

Includes seven free visitor nights at ABP Lowestoft Haven , ABP Fleetwood Haven and ABP Southampton Marinas. 


Short Term Berthing            All Berths Fully Serviced


Per metre                                 Per Day                                                                                 £ 2.26          £ 2.71

                                                Per Week                                                                               £11.74         £14.10

                                                Per Month (April to Oct subject to availability)                       £38.28         £45.94

                                                Short stay – up to 4 hours (Per visit)                                     £4.54            £5.00

Includes electricity and free Wi-Fi.

Clubs booked in advance will receive a 20% Discount.

Winter Storage Afloat. (November to March) minimum 2 months only


Per metre                                                Per Month                                                             £21.57        £25.89


Storage Ashore


Per Metre                                                Per Month                                                             £16.41        £19.70

Winter Berthing Packages will receive a 10% discount if paid by the end of December 2019


Important Note:-  Subject to space availability ‘Multihulls’ may be charged at the above plus 5%


Boat Lifting


·          Offload and launch or lay up ashore

·          ‘or’ Haul out of water and lay up or load onto transport

·          ‘or’ Lift from hard standing and launch or load on to transport

·          ‘or’ Haul out, hold in slings for 1 hour, then launch


Per metre                                 Up to 9.1 metres                                                                    £16.97        £20.37

                                                9.2 to 12.2 metres                                                                  £18.40        £22.09

                                                12.3 to 15.2 metres                                                                £20.14        £24.17

                                                Over 15.3 metres                                                                   £22.93        £27.52

                                                For commercial vessels                                                       £POA

June to September 2019

Summer Deal Haul scrub layup for seven days re-launch ( over seven days will be charged at the normal rate)

Summer Deal Haul scrub re-launch

Please call the marina office for a quote

Additional Shoring Up if required £50.00 per man hour.


Pressure Wash Bottom of Vessel


Per Metre                                                                                                                                     £5.81          £6.97


Mast & Rigging Works


Please contact Ipswich Haven Marina office for details of rigging companies




Marina supplied metermaid                                                                                                  Deposit = £120.00

Electricity Service Charge                                                                                                    £21.64 per quarter

Electricity units used                                                                                                           11.13 pence per unit 



Other Manual Work Charged at £50.00 per man hour (Includes use of any plant)


All work is undertaken subject to our current terms of business